How to save money while traveling!

It is always nice to have a bit of “back-up” money to have while traveling, so you can have your splurges once in awhile.  Here are some tips (before and during your travels) to help you save money for your next trip, without having to do too much:

How to save money for travel1.  Get a Charles Schwab high yeilding checking account before you leave for your trip so you never have to pay ATM fees EVER.  (They reimburse you for any fees for taking money out in the US or abroad).  I just signed up for this myself, and am VERY excited about it.

2.  Craigslist the crap out of your apartment and get rid of what you don’t need.  Don’t forget to add good photos or else nobody will want your stuff.

3.  Think about carpooling when moving from one place to the next.  Blablacar is like AirBnB for carpooling.

4.  Especially when traveling to New York, look up all the “free days” for museums and galleries when entry is by donation or no fee.

5.  If you are comfortable sleeping on a stranger’s couch, try Couch Surfing.  Of course there is AirBnB, which we found to be cheaper when traveling as a pair in Europe.

6.  If you are in a heavily touristed area, step away from the restaurants.  I had my worst slice of pizza in the world in the heart of Venice.  I then walked 5 blocks away, and only paid 3 euro for an amazing slice.  Also, don’t be afraid of street food.

7.  If you want to make your backpack lighter by not carrying shampoo and conditioner, you could always try going no poo! What!?!

8.  Get a Capital One credit card so you don’t have to pay any foreign service fees.  There are now card where you can get rewarded with miles or cash back.