How Sinus Surgery helped my travels.

When packing for a trip, most people never have to think about their needs to keep their allergies at bay.  I am not the type of person that would get a sniffle here or there during allergy season.  I don’t have cute, little sneezes that barely make a sound.  I am the type of person that would immediately roll up my windows when hearing the sound of lawnmowers, or else I would go into a sneezing fit.  I think my record number of sneezes in a row was around twelve.  No exaggeration. I always had tissues in my pockets.  I could never use nasal sprays because I would be totally blocked. Allergy medicine was like candy, and did nothing for me.  In the last five years, my allergies got worse. I had severe migraines. I was getting sinus infections, and was constantly on antibiotics.  A couple of times, my sinuses got so infected, that my entire face blew up.  Even my forehead was puffy.

Finally, after seeing so many doctors, allergists, and ENT doctors, I finally found my savior here in New York.  After 24 years of suffering, I can finally say that I am finding some relief after getting….sinus surgery.

When my ENT doc first suggested sinus surgery to me, I was very hesitant.  Of course I did the whole Web MD thing, and googled the crap out of sinus surgery, only to find super scary information.  First of all, your sinuses are so close to your eyes.  The idea of surgery alone is scary.  And on your face.  And I read way too many horror stories online.  I stopped googling it, and started asking people I knew if they knew anyone who had sinus surgery.  Oddly, after talking to everyone about it, I talked to about 8 people who actually had the procedure done.  They all had positive things to say about it.  Despite my extreme fears, I decided to go with it. One guy who was severely allergic to cats, even got a pet cat after his surgery, and has had no problems.

A year and a half later, I have completely forgotten that I even had allergies.  I won’t have to bring a netipot on my travels (can you imagine using one on the road?) I haven’t taken one allergy pill, and can sleep like a normal person…with my mouth closed.

Sinus surgery isn’t all that bad.  And it could make your pack lighter too.


Sneezing is not rock n' roll.