Free reading while on the road

How to travel the world without carrying one single book

A lot of people told me to get a Kindle so I can read a bunch of books while on the road, but I have to admit that owning a Kindle just doesn’t interest me.  Maybe it is because I love the smell of a book and the worn in pages.  But how on earth am I going to carry so many books? I also don’t want to constantly be dipping into my daily budget buying hard cover books, only to ditch them a couple weeks later.  Here is a great solution:

If you have a smart phone, download the free Kindle reading app.

This allows you to read Kindle books on your iPhone!  You can access a bunch of e-books (free ones too!) or purchase many under $10.  Can’t see what you are looking for?  Check if your library has digital copies of books, and “borrow” them while you are on the road.  Often times, all you need is your library card number and password to access thousands of books online, even while you are abroad.

Here are a few other resources that you may find handy for getting free digital books:


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