How internet ruined travel

I keep thinkingRussian Pay Phones how mysterious travel used to be before Google Earth.  Getting ‘off the beaten path’ was literally off the beaten path because nobody was blogging, facebooking, tweeting, instagramming, snapchatting, or youtubing about it.

Here is a peek at ten things I miss about travel before the invention of technology.

10.  Handwritten letters and postcards from friends all over the world.  With the advent of email, you know someone is sitting at their cubicle writing you an email as they eat their Chipotle burrito.  I miss the time people took to make handwritten letters (or tapes for that matter!)

9.  Only knowing what Russia looks like based on photos you have seen in your National Geographic subscription, or your friend’s holiday photos visiting long lost relatives.

8. Using pay phones to call your family collect.  Oh, and remember call centers?

7. Carrying loads of developed film, not knowing how the photos will turn out until you get home.

6. Really finding places that are off the beaten path.  No Yelp here!

5. Hand written travel journals.

4.  Finding out world shattering news through the newspaper.  And then scrapbooking the newspaper.

3.  Meeting people in a natural environment rather than on the internet.

2.  Actually going to a bar/restaurant to watch a movie while on holidays, rather than watching a downloaded version on your laptop.

1.  Just getting lost.  You meet so many more people that way!