Traveling as a clausterphobic

Every time I get ready to go on a flight, I get really, really, really nervous, even though I know that I will be fine.  There are peoples’ jobs to fly on planes every day, even multiple times a day.  I am not really scared of crashing, or dying, but just being stuck in a limited space for a long period of time.  There are a few things that I like to do to make in through a flight.

Mount Fuji from the plane!

Mount Fuji from the plane!

Avoid caffeine and alcohol – totally not fun, but you will thank me for it.  Many of my friends have suggested getting a cocktail, but how many times have you heard of passengers having complete melt downs due to too much whiskey?

Eat the vegetarian meal on the plane

Have plenty of books/magazines/music/games to keep you occupied

Have a playlist to help you fall asleep – my personal fave are Nocturnes by Chopin.  They tune me out every time!

Have sleeping pills on hand (I usually only take these if they are over 5 hours)

I used to take sleeping pills for flights over 5 hours, but I have now discovered Bach’s Rescue Remedy.  It is an all natural form of getting rid of that anxious feeling.  Since discovering this, I never take sleeping pills on the plane anymore!  This is a total game changer!

Always board the plane last.

Wear loose clothing.  Definitely nothing that restricts the neck area.