The cutest, non-tacky souvenirs of New York

NY souvenir collage

Leaving our apartment in Brooklyn will be hard.  Perhaps I should take a memento with me on our trip.  Here are some of the cutest New York souvenirs:

10.  New York City Dish Towel – My mother is a very particular shopper, and I didn’t think she would be buying any souvenirs when she came out to visit.  She fell in love with this adorable “map” of NYC on a dish towel.  Functional and adorable!

9.  New York in a Bag – For those wanting some paper weights, or decoration to put on your desk to remind of the concrete jungle, look no further!  Clean, simple design.

8.  Brooklyn Coasters – Want to have souvenirs that are disposable, recyclable, and perfect for parties? Add a bit of Brooklyn charm at your next picnic!

7.  New York Coffee Cup – The infamous Greek inspired to-go coffee cup that you can keep forever.

6.  Muji New York Handkerchief – No smart phone? Need a head band?  Or a sweat rag?  This handkerchief is the jack of all trades!

5. Robyn Love’s Watercolor Vintage New York City Skyline Card – Etsy’s Robyn Love sells these classic cards that also be stored as keepsakes!

4.  Eleni’s New York, New York Cookie Set – A little pricey for cookies, but how can you resist these original cookie sets?

3.  New York Map Tote – perfect to carry your groceries.

2.  I cycle NY shirt – for the city cyclist!

1.  New York City’s Chrystler Building Christmas Ornament – My friend’s mother sends him ornaments of US presidents every year for Christmas.  Why not send historical buildings to your loved one every year?