7 years in Japan

I am looking forward to visiting Japan again.  It has been 4 years since I have lived there.  Things I will never forget:

  • Touching my bathroom, kitchen, and living room floor all at the same time (but hey, at least I lived walking distance to Shinjuku!)
  • Living in a Police Box. (Look at my ‘About’ page for an actual image of my house).
  • Getting fresh vegetables like goya and baked goods at my doorstep from friendly neighbors in Shirasawa, Japan
  • Hearing the Yakimo man riding around my neighborhood (think the ice-cream man but with Sweet potatoes!)
  • Eiga Dorobou – they showed this guy before every movie.  Please don’t record movies with your cell phone.
  • Growing a serious addiction to Domokun
  • Being able to buy umeboshi riceballs, mentaiko riceballs, kombu riceballs, and takana riceballs everywhere (including 7-11!)
  • Capsule Hotels that take women, and Love Hotels
  • My taxi door opening automatically(although you will pay a pretty penny for a ride!)
  • Losing your wallet on a crowded train and having it returned to you with everything in it including your cash.
  • Getting free tissue on the street!
  • Women only train cars
  • Carrying a mikoshi in a local festival
  • Oh how could I ever forget Hanami!  Cherry blossom flower viewing in the park with drinks, food, and friends under full bloom
  • Cycling all over Tokyo
  • Using a squat toilet
  • Purikura
  • People crossing the street only when the crosswalk tells you to do so.
  • rice planting
  • Japanese commercials

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