Dream Food Day

Some of my most memorable trips have often involved food.   I could never forget riding a motorbike to the end of the dirt road, only to find a little beach hut serving the freshest and biggest prawns ever in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam.  Or strolling on the bridge in Istanbul, finding a single man grilling up a mean balik ekmek with a bit of a kick.  I need to find those little gems again!

Before I left for India, while I was very aware of Delhi Belly, or the Rajasthan Runs, I was still so excited to be able to eat Indian curry every day.  That soon changed after I got sick, and just the sight of curry made me want to run for the toilet. I experimented with non-Indian food for awhile, and while I love french fries, I needed to try something else.  I vividly remember ordering a tomato sauce pasta, and when it came to the table, I thought I needed sunglasses to eat it.  The color of the pasta was an insane, florescent red, but i still managed to get it down. Those last couple weeks in India were difficult, and when it came to meal time, I literally ate just for nourishment and energy, and not for pleasure.

egg face

If you were having a bad travel week, what would your Dream Food Day look like? (Clearly, mine is carb heavy!)


-a large black coffee

-ice water

-poached eggs (runny yolk!)  with crispy bacon, hash browns, and some sliced fruit


-another large black coffee

-ice water

-Mezze platter: Baba Ghanoush, tabouleh, hummus, stuffed grape leaves, labana, beet salad and pita bread


-ice water

-Umeboshi onigiri

-Ketchup chips or Trader Joe’s Hawaiian Style Salt and Vinegar chips


-ice water

-red wine


Late night snack:



Heavy? Yes! But I am sure it would taste amazing!