RTW trip Paris Day 2

Today we were very fortunate to hit below our budget. How did we do this? We met up with an old Aussie friend we knew during our Tokyo days, and luckily, he treated us to a lot of wine and dinner at a picturesque sidewalk restaurant called Le Terminus.  Warning: You may get the stereotype rude Parisienne waiter here.  When our friend ordered tartar, he clarified in a rude voice that it was raw, assuming our friend didn’t know.

It had been six years since we had seen him, so we didn’t do a ton of sightseeing, but did a rather touristy picnic at the Champs de Mars grassy area right by the Eiffel Tower, and had some BYOB red wine along the River Seine in the evening.

For our picnic at Champs de Mars, we had 2 baguettes, Camembert cheese, and 3 nectarines. We bought everything from a very wallet friendly grocery store called Dia, and bought our produce for really cheap from a market right by our AirBNB.

While touristy, I definitely felt it was a great way to really enjoy the Eiffel Tower. After a long day and evening, we decided it was finally time to try out Paris’ Velib bicycles since they were so cheap, readily available, and we would also be able to use it the following day.

Our lovely AirBNB host once again surprised us with some lovely food for breakfast. We had tea, pears, homemade bread with her homemade raspberry and currant jam, as well as her homemade apple and chestnut jam.

Here is our cost breakdown for the day:
AirBNB: $47
Market items €2.75
Baguettes, Camembert, large bottle of water €2.08
Large water by the Eiffel Tower €1
Pack of 10 subway tickets €13.70 (called a Carnet)
Poulet et frites and steak and frites dinner: €0
Bottles of red: €0
Velib bikes for 2: €1.70 x 2

While I know there were a few market items and train tickets I didn’t use for today, I am still including them in my daily cost.

Total for the day: $75.69 /2 people = $37.85 per person.

What I learned: To rent Velib bikes, make sure your credit card has a chip on it or it won’t work. Rent them at the end of the night so you don’t have to take a train to get home, with the ability to use it for a full day the next day as it is a 24 hour rental. Only take the bike out for 30 minutes at a time or you will get a surcharge! Also, try not to buy water close to the Eiffel Tower.  It will of course be a rip off!

Pont Des Arts locks of love

Locks 1

Champs de Mars shots

me in Parisparis walkway

Our friend joining us at Champs de Mars


Paris friends

Excellent sidewalk dinner

Le Terminus food food 2

A Parisienne cat

french kitty

Paris art literally on the street

street art 1

Back of the Louvre at night

back of louvre

Notre Dame Cathedral at night

notre dame 1

Evening along the Seine River

Seine 1