RTW Trip Bordeaux Day 5

Oh, today was an interesting one! As we were preparing to head to Bordeaux on the 8th, I realized I didn’t get a response from my AirBNB Bordeaux host if it was okay to arrive late at night.  We had booked a bus to arrive in Bordeaux around 10pm, so I wanted to be sure it was okay with our host.  When I didn’t hear from him, I double checked my AirBNB email right after midnight.  Glad I did, because the host actually cancelled our reservation on the day of our arrival.  What was worse, was our host was trying to put us up at some guy named Pierre’s house and then pay him in cash. What!?

After a lot of back and forth, I called AirBNB at about 2am Paris time. I explained to them that a host probably wouldn’t be up past 2am checking their emails for potential reservations, so it would be impossible to get a new booking for that evening.  On top of that, we were booked for a log bus ride that wouldn’t enable us to arrive to Bordeaux until 10pm.  AirBNB wanted to make sure we were safe and not sleeping on the street, so they booked a room at a Best Western in the center of the city, free of charge. THANK YOU AIRBNB!

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Since we were basically on a bus for 10 hours during the day, when we arrived to Bordeaux, we just arrived for a drink at one bar, and went back to our hotel.  The day was filled with snacking on the food we purchased at our favorite affordable grocery store, Dia.

Bus from Paris to Bordeaux with Eurolines €28×2
Kit kat and orangina 1.6×2
2 baguettes €2
Tram from train station to hotel for 2 people: €3
Beer €10
Cheese, sandwich meat, bananas €4
Free hotel

Total cost: €78.2 or $99.77 / 2 = $49.89 per person

What I learned: Even if your host has reviews and seems decent on AirBNB, always make sure they respond to your arrival time email at least a day before your arrival to give time to find another place in case your booked one falls through.  Alert AirBNB of your situation, and they may come to the rescue!