RTW Trip Bordeaux Day 6

Bordeaux, our second and last stop in France, was filled with more cycling, lots of gorgeous buildings, and some wine.  We got up bright and early and had our buffet breakfast of eggs, sausages, Parma ham, croissants, pain au chocolat, coffee, juice, fruit, and yogurt that came with our free hotel night.  Yup, we ate a lot!

Breakfast at Best Western

Breakfast at Best Western

About 10 minutes before leaving for our bus to Bordeaux, we managed to book an AirBNB place for 2 nights on short notice very close to Les Hangers station.  Right after breakfast, we went to Bordeaux’s Cathedral to meet our host so he could hand over the keys.  We were thrilled to see that the apartment had a beautiful modern/vintage vibe!

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We really didn’t see many grocery stores, so we were thrilled to see that there was a grocery store across the street from us.

Bordeaux has a gorgeous river along the city, with lots of runners and cyclists.  We decided to hop on the band wagon and rent Bordeaux’s version of the Velib bike, called Le Velo VCub.  At an affordable €1.50 each to rent for a full 24 hours, this was fun, easy, and cost efficient.


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The city’s old buildings are everywhere, and you can see why this city is listed as a Unesco site.

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I need this door knocker.

There a few squares in the city that are bustling with coffee breakers and those who lunch. (Does anyone work around here?) While we ate our first lunch with takeaway sandwiches in one of the city squared, we were still able to experience the great atmosphere.

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A bunch of chairs that is a mixture of art and leisure.

In the evening, we stopped off at the picture worthy Place de la Bourse.  Supposedly it is one of the largest water mirrors in the world at 3450m squared!  It goes from a reflection, to a moody fog.  A must see!

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Place de la Bourse -the mirror!

16 copy

Place de la Bourse – the fog!

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€3 tram
Beer tomato beans wine cola salami baguette €8.22
Bike rental €3
Beer €15.50
AirBNB $38.50

Total cost: $76.42 / 2 = $38.21 per person

What I learned: head into the old town of Bordeaux to find a lot of bustling restaurants and bars with outdoor seating.  French people drink beers in pints and also a smaller size.  The cheapest beer I have found has been Kronenbourg!