RTW Trip Saint-Émilion Day 7: A cute day at the wineries

We really wanted to take a day trip out to one of the famous wineries around Bordeaux, so we decided to take a Renfe train for Saint-Emilion. We departed from Gare Bordeaux Saint Jean, taking a bus to the wineries, and a train back.

St. E 3 St. E 9

Saint-Emilion was a quaint town, with rows and rows of grape vines and trees. There is a small city center with small shops, restaurants, bars, and gift shops. While it is definitely touristy, it is a great day trip for the day. Because of the blistering heat, most of the tourists stayed within the town, or took a little tacky train trolley around the town. We had read that there were walking trails where you could wander around the local wineries. There are several routes, and the one we took was about 6km and took 2-2.5 hours. I suggest taking some snacks and some water along the way, as there are some nice places to stop and take a break (with no restaurants or cafes in sight!) You will basically see people working on the wineries, some peoples’ homes, and lots of grape vines.

St. E 2

St. E 10

St. E 7


St. E 8

St. E 5

When we got back into town, we stopped for a glass of the local Saint-Emilion wine (red), and a rosee since it was such a hot day. We are definitely not wine connoisseurs, but I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the wines they have on offer.

We took a comfortable train back to Bordeaux, made some pasta with tomatoes for dinner, and finished our final night in Bordeaux with a drink with our AirBNB host.

One final thing I really wanted to do was take some more photos of one of the most amazing water mirror, La Place de Bourse.  It really is quite original, and I have never seen anything quite like it in any other city.  Tucked in between historic Bordeaux buildings and the Gardonne River, the shallow, mirror-like pool, periodically turns to mist. I felt like it turned into an art installation slash water park.

St. E 4

AirBNB $38.50
Train/Bus tickets for Saint Emilion: 18.40 return x2
Snacks for Saint Emilion: 6.20 for baguette, cola, camembert, salami, and pears.
Water at Saint Emilion 2
2 glasses of wine 8.50
Tram from train station back to our AirBNB 3
Dinner – 0 (already had groceries from previous days)
Beer and chocolate from grocery store 2.33
Beers with our Airbnb host 7.80

Total costs: $123.51 / 2 = $61.76

*This means we went over by 11.76, however previous days, we still were under $50, so technically we are still within budget!  To see a running log of our $50 per day budget, click on the title at the top of the site called “$50/day running log.”

What I learned: If you are doing a day trip in Saint-Emilion with the intention of doing a walking tour, leave early. The last trains/buses to go back to Bordeaux were around 6pm. If you are planning to stay in Saint-Emilion, be prepared to spend some euros, as I don’t think there is such thing as budget accommodation.