RTW Trip Paddleboarding, Pintxos, and Beach in San Sebastian Day 9 and 10

I think the Lonely Planet listed San Sebastian as having one of the best city beaches in all of Europe. While I haven’t been to many city beaches, I would wholeheartedly agree! There are 2 main beaches: one seemed to be where the tourists and locals go, while the other one was mainly local. My vote? Surprisingly the tourist beach called La Concha Beach, as it has a nice view of of San Sebastian, is equipped with a few free bathrooms and showers, and has a lot more space to lay out in the sand. Another thing I really liked about this beach was that the sand was flat, easy to walk on, and probably great for runners. The water was very clear and calm, with quite a few fish swimming around as well!


San Sebastian friends

SS 1

We also rented one paddle board for an hour for 10. The water is definitely calm enough to paddleboard on, and there is a clock on one of the buildings at the beach so you can keep an eye on the time.


To keep costs low, we opted for making a small dinner at our AirBNB before heading out for pintxos (tapas).   Just wandering the streets and getting lost is the thing to do for pintxos. We tried a Lonely Planet suggested place, but wasn’t pleased. I say judge the taste of the pintxos by the number of times a place rotates their food to ensure the freshest pinxtos.


Angula – baby eels!

pintxos 3

pintxos 2 copy



10.99 for grocery items: pasta, sauce, carrot, pepper, chips, donuts, meat, yogurt, biscuits, beer, nectarines, and cola
Paddleboard 10
15 for pintxos and beer
3.55 beer and candy
AirBNB: $55

Total Costs: $105.46 /2 = $52.73 per person

What I learned: Some pintxos bars allow you to take the pintxos directly off the plate, while other pinxtos bars require you to order through the waitstaff.  Clarify before digging in!  Also, the more napkins on the floor, the better the pinxtos!

Day 10: San Sebastian Beach and Pintxos!

If Groundhog Day was real, and I could repeat a day over and over again, I would have to say I could easily do it in San Sebastian, just making my skin wrinkly from the sun, and making my belly full with tapas (pintxos).  I could have done this for day.

We opted to skip Blablacar, the car sharing service we used to get here, and just bought a bus ticket to Barcelona, our next destination.

ss silhouette


0.40 copies to print out bus tickets from San Sebastian to Barcelona
1.71 bread and chips
5.85 beer
18.80 beer and pintxos
8.40 pintxos and beer
AirBNB: $55

Total costs: $99.04 / 2 = $49.52 per person

What I learned: If you find that your pintxos is a bit on the cold side, don’t be afraid to ask to have them to heat them up.