RTW Trip Barcelona Day 12 : City Cycling

In Barcelona, we found out their city bike program was only for residents of Barcelona, so we were a bit bummed to find out we would have to take trains and buses all over Barcelona. Luckily, we found Ajo, a local bike rental company that was really affordable!

Barcelona is great for cyclists, as there are a lot of bike trails, but beware of cycling up to Park Guell. It is super steep!  Park Guell has some of Gaudi’s great psychedelic, architectural work, and you can see a lot of it without paying their entrance fee.

Park Guell

Park Guell 2

Another one of Gaudi’s trippy masterpieces, is the Casa Batllo.  Like all sights in Barcelona, it will be flooded with tourists, but worth a peek.

Casa Batllo 2

Casa Batllo

No visit in Barcelona can be complete without a visit to Sagrada Familia. Sagrada Familia is probably Barcelona’s most famous sight, and from a distance, looks a lot like a dripping church. The lines to get tickets, and then to enter were both really long, so we just decided to look at it from afar – I really don’t think it is necessary to go inside, since the wow factor comes from the exteriors.

Sagrada Familia

We picked up some picnic items to have a cheap tasty lunch in a park directly in front of Sagrada Familia. The park was definitely crowded with tourists taking shots, but there are a few great benches to sit and look at the exterior of Segrada Familia. Good luck getting shots without construction – I think I heard that the renovations for Segrada Familia would be complete between 2020 and 2040.

We also cycled by the beach, which was nice for a city beach. There were bike trails lined with palm trees, with a bunch of restaurants along the way.   In the evening, we cooked at home again, and then went out for some cheap one euro patatas brava (pan fried potatoes, mayo, and a spicy red sauce) and beer.




a dark bar

Costs for the day: 20 bike rental for 2 days at Ajo
5.30 for apple juice, mortadella, baguette, chips, chocolate, bananas, and nectarines from Lidl (another cheap grocery store!)
1.20 cokes
5.74 beer, coke, chips, pizza, yogurt, oranges
4 water, beer, patatas brava
AirBNB $38.67

Total costs: $83.91 / 2 =$41.96 per person

What I learned: Ajo bike company was closed on a Tuesday, so they had a great deal to rent a bike for 2 days for only 10. We had seen several bike companies all over the city, but Ajo was by far the cheapest!