RTW Trip Barcelona Day 13: A Reunion After 18 years

We spent our second full day cycling around the city, visiting Segrada Familia again, and viewing more Gaudi sites.

Greg fixing my bike rental.  Where did we get those plastic gloves?  Another tourist felt bad for us, and gave them to us.  He said he always keeps a pair with him!?!

Greg fixing my bike with latex gloves. A tourist just handed these to us!?!

nancy graffiti           Barcelona square

barcelona church           meat

Some of the best parts about traveling, are definitely the people you meet up with. We met up with some old friends from my high school in Vancouver that I hadn’t seen in 18 years. That is 1996 people! They had done a trip around the world as well, and even settled in Barcelona for a year and a half before going back to Canada. This time, they were spending about 3 months in Spain, with some trips to Ireland and the UK.  How do they do it?  They both have Canadian/European passports, and remote work always helps as well!

jen and jamu

With Jamu, Jenn, and little Leila – thanks for a wonderful reunion!

We went to a really great Indian place with a strange name…Asian Restaurant. What a deal! At 8.50, they give you an appetizer, a main, a dessert, as well as a drink that included alcohol. Did I also mention the staff are friendly and the food is good? On top of that, our thoughtful friends treated us!  Thanks so much Jenn and Jamu!

If the dark side of death interests you, you may be interested in visiting a free and strange museum about 18th to 20th century hearses.  It is called Collecio de Carrosses Funebres.  Sadly, we did a huge runaround since the paper version of Lonely Planet has the wrong address for this free museum! We tried going to this place TWICE over two days with no luck.  When we actually found the place, it was closed just for that week.    😦

The museum is actually located in the Cementiri de Montjuic:

Mare de Deu de Port, 56-58
08038 Barcelona 934-841-920
Bus 21 and 107

After doing some more cooking at home, we headed out for a couple of drinks with our Norweigan AirBNB housemate for some cheap beers.

at jaime


1.70 ice-cream
Lunch – 0. Thanks fo treating us!
Caipirinha and beer 6
biscuits and meat 2
AirBNB $38.67

Total costs: $50.78 / 2 = $25.39

What I learned: The cheap beer to buy is usually Estrella or San Miguel at one euro per beer in Le Poble Sec.  Also, look out for “Menu del Dia” for set lunches at cheap prices!