RTW Trip Barcelona Day 14: Beaching it and returning to a free hotel!

Moving to a virtually free hotel because of Airmiles is always a good thing!  I only had to pay $11 in administration fees, while other guests were paying €150 per night.

outside jaime

So long AirBNB!

Barcelona Hotel

Holiday Inn

The whole day was spent hanging out at Barcelona’s city beach, and grabbing some Burger King to indulge in horrible tourism while abroad.  At least we were sitting outside, right by the beach.



Gehry art by the beach

Moll del Gregal

french fries


Holiday Inn $10.52
Hotel city tax €1.44
Beer €1.45
Burger King €7.80 crispy chicken

Total Costs: $23.86 / 2 = $11.93 per person

What I learned: Make sure you don’t have any leftover Air Miles that may be expiring soon.  Some expire and need to be used before a certain date!