RTW Trip Barcelona to Tiana, Spain Day 15: Amazing hosts

Waking up with an excellent and free buffet breakfast was a great way to start a long day of walking.  We checked out of our hotel, and left our bags at the hotel’s left luggage.  We spent our final day in Barcelona walking about, getting excited to stay in a small village outside of Barcelona for the next couple of nights.

circular buildings



Barbara Streisand Hepburn

Is this Barbara Streisand or Audrey Hepburn?

We visited a food market, that had a store dedicated to JUST eggs, and saw a lot of hanging jamon legs, with a few rabbits thrown in.  I tried to not look at the hoofs. The pintxos bars in the market looked really tasty, but were packed to the gills.

We opted to visit Asian restaurant again to fill our bellies.

While Barcelona felt even more touristy than Paris, and could sometimes be extremely overwhelming, it was really great to just get lost within the old and historic district.



As night fell, we went back to our hotel to wait for Montse, my sister’s Spanish friend from her university days.  She lives just outside of Barcelona in a small village called Tiana.  Whenever I mentioned Tiana to Spanish people, nobody seemed to have heard about it, which made the visit even more special!

Montse and her husband Francesc were great hosts.  Montse went to UBC, and I think I may have met her about 15 years ago, but very briefly.  Even though we didn’t really know each other, it was amazing how hospitable they were!  Her home was adorable with lots of character.  She collects paper mâché figurines, and even had one of Humphrey Bogart!  Her apartment also had adorable images of her daughter, comics of Ghost World, as well as DVDs of The Hunger and Pink Flamingos on display.  I approve!

sleeping in Tianna

Our pretty bed in Tiana

Spain eats late. And super late.  Like way late. I grew up with dinner on the table at 5:30pm, and I think we must have started eating at around 10pm.  She took us to a great local restaurant called El Casal de Tiana.  We were fed so well!  I think my fave was the jamon, egg, potato omelette thingy, along with the jamon and melon.  Pure perfection! We sat and chatted late into the night, and it was nice to be the only tourists in the entire town.

Francesc and Montse

Eating at El Casal de Tiana


The best omelette….ever.


€20 Indian lunch -includes a .50 charge for terrace seats
Ice cream €1
€1.35 apple juice
Dinner at restaurant in Tiana €0 – Thanks Montse and Francesc!
Accommodation in Tiana: €0

Total cost: 27.88 / 2 = $13.94 per person

What I learned:

When someone offers you a place to stay in a town you have never heard of, take it!  We learned that Tiana is also a weekend getaway for locals, as it is situated just outside of Barcelona.  It also has a beach!