RTW Trip Tiana, Spain Day 16: Home cooked meal!

There is a beach that some Barcelonians go to when they don’t want to go to the overcrowded beach in the city.  Luckily, Montgat, is only a 30 minute walk from where we were staying in Tiana, Spain. Happy camper Tiana There were a few beach bars where we had beers and batatas brava.  While this beach isn’t anything to write home about, the beach is less crowded, and low key.  A nice change considering Barcelona is overrun by tourists. In the evening when Francesc and Montse got home, we lucked out with a ton of home cooked food.  Melon and jamon with figs, mushroom cheesy pasta, lentil salad, some delicious meat stuffed with ham and cheese, and of course some wine!  We are hoping our hosts will visit us in Brooklyn one day!

montse dinner

All the delicious food that Montse made for us. Our best meal in Spain!

montse and francesc


Francesc as Dali

€6.09 pizza, yogurt, and apple juice
€18.25 beer, wine, batatas brava
€4.30 bus from Montgat back to Tiana
€0 accommodation

Total costs: $35.66 / 2 =$17.83 per person

What I learned: something as simple as a tomato rubbed on toast with a bit of salt and olive oil is amazingly delicious!


A great papier mache model of Humphrey Bogart.