RTW Trip Valencia, Spain Day 18: The Origin of Paella

To be honest, I had no idea paella originated in Valencia.  Lucky for us, our friend organized a paella party in the specific town where paella originated.  We specifically went to Casa Sucre, and had both a seafood paella and the original one with snails and chicken.  They told us each pan of paella fed 8-10 people, but I would say more like 10-12.  The 20 or so people that came, helped us shut down the restaurant, and our lunch ended up being like a 5 hour affair!  Spanish people know how to eat, and eat well.  There was a ton of paella left, so they had it packed up for us.  We ate it for days!



Our paella friends. Look at Little Lena Dunham with the glasses!

paella gang

paella fork

The paella fork


HUGE paella

chatting with Alberto

Skyping our Spanish friend in New York.

In the evening, we did a short walk around their City of Arts and Sciences and then headed home for some paella leftovers.

I must check to see if any futuristic movies were filmed at the City of Arts and Sciences. A way better location than SFU which has been used for a bunch of Scifi films.

€70 paella lunch, seafood appetizers, alcohol, dessert, coffee
€2 coke cookies
€10  Toiletries

Total Costs: $102.10 / 2 = $51.05 per person

What I learned: Since paella is so heavy, Spanish people only eat it during he day.  If you see people eating paella for dinner, they are definitely tourists!