RTW Trip Valencia, Spain Day 19: Drinking in an old chemist bar

I never really understood the whole siesta thing.  It makes me think you really can’t eat lunch whenever you want.  Today was our first real day of wandering around the old town, walking through the cool and winding streets with a ton of old architecture everywhere.  When we were getting hungry for lunch though, everything was closed so we ended up eating something that was very non Spanish.  Kebabs.

Do not enter


tacky postcard

We also ended up going to Museu de Bellas Artes de Valencia.  Definitely worth a visit to see works from the 14th – 17th century, including works by Goya.  This is decent for a free museum.

art gallery

In the evening, we met up with Enrique and Vanessa, an adventurous couple we met in New York when they were visiting our Spanish friend, Alberto.

They treated us to a couple drinks at an old chemist bar called Cafe Sant Jaume. We then headed for some great food at Trece where we swapped stories about movies, celebrity gossip, and our dreams of traveling and working all over the world.  Hopefully they will join us in Japan in the spring!

We said our goodbyes in the most picturesque square in Valencia. (Virgin Square).  It’s still nice during the day, but in the evening, the marbled floor becomes mirror-like, people hang about, and the lighting is dim and moody.  If I were Woody Allen filming a movie in Valencia, I would definitely film a scene here.


What we spent:
Lunch kebab €9.50
Dinner at Trece €30
Accommodation €0

Total Cost: €39.50 / 2 = $24.27 per person

What I learned: Valencia is also famous for eating tomatoes, and not just throwing them. Make sure you eat them! 

Actual date of travel Sept. 22, 2014.