RTW Trip Valencia, Spain Day 20: Cycling with a lot of Sandwiches

It had been a couple days since we had hopped on bikes, so we opted to rent bikes and cycle around Valencia. We ended renting from Do You Bike for 24 hours.  They have three locations, but we had to visit two since the first place we went to didn’t have any bikes available.

Science center

Science center and greg

Science center walkers

It was great having a bike again.  While the cycling routes suddenly stop at times, you can still cycle out to the city beach where we are leftovers of… you guessed it… paella.  The beach was just a beach really, as I didn’t think it was anything special. At least they had one!  It is also the location where they have Indy races.

Valencia Beach

cloud formations
We continued cycling around the old city, and then stopped off for some sandwiches and beer at a sidewalk cafe called 100 Montaditos.  We clearly ordered way too much food!

What we spent:
Accommodation: €0
Bike rental from do you bike€20
Train €4
Beer, water and chips €2.65
Sandwiches, fries, and beer from 100 Montaditos €13.50
Ice cream €1.50

Total cost: €41.65 / 2 = $25.59 per person

What I learned: Don’t get a platter from 100 Montaditos because it is way too much food for one person! They also have very cheap beer here. On Wednesdays, beers are only €1.

Actual date of travel: Sept. 23, 2014