RTW Trip Valencia, Spain Day 21: The Rolling Stones, Fartons, and Buster Keaton

Our final day in Valencia consisted of having our usual breakfast of juice, tomatoes rubbed on bread with a bit of olive oil and salt, an espresso and some fruit that Christina kindly provided for us each day.Valencia sites

Before leaving for our around the world trip, Greg worked for the rock photographer, Ebet Roberts.  Valencia was having a small exhibition about the Rolling Stones, featuring several of Ebet’s photos.  It was only €2 each, and even though I have never been a huge Stones fan, the exhibit was pretty interesting.

Today was our final day in Valencia, so we did a little walking tour around the town.  Visiting markets in a meat loving country is always a site.  We saw whole chickens with their heads on, and whole rabbits as well.  Rabbits are commonly eaten in paella, but that was just something I could not ingest.

Valencia view

bullfighter statue

We also finally ate the funny sounding farton, a pastry shaped like a finger. We found them to be rather bland, but I think it was because we were supposed to dip them in the sweet horchata.

We stopped again at 100 Montaditos for cheap beer and coffee, and then headed out to see a Buster Keaton film at Filmoteca.  We are big movie buffs, so we were dying to go to a theater.  Luckily, we didn’t need Spanish to watch a Buster Keaton film, and best of all, it only cost €2 each.  Loved the line waiting to get in.  The majority of the people in line were gray haired regulars that knew practically everyone in the theater.  Very cute.

Buster Keaton
We had some pintxos, and then headed home and spent some time with Christina and her family, had some extra nibbles, and said our goodbyes.  They were really great hosts.  I was surprised to hear that Alberto’s dad thought I spoke a little bit of Spanish (because I really don’t speak any!)

What we spent:

Accommodation €0
Chips €1.18
Sympathy for the Stones Exhibit €4
Croissant €1
Bib €7
Coke €1.20
Farton €.60
Beer, coffee, and fries from 100 Montaditos €3.5
Buster Keaton film at Filmoteca €4
Beer and pintxos at Lizarran €8.80

Total cost: €31.28 / 2 =$19.22 per person

What I learned: Filmoteca is located in a building that has a couple theaters.  I believe most showings are at 6pm so be sure to get there early.
Actual date of travel: Sept. 24, 2014