RTW Trip Cordoba, Spain Day 23: Cute streets, the Mezquita, and a Bullfighting Restaurant

Europe is filled with charming cities with old buildings and character.  After visiting several cities, you realize you can only take so many photos of little, cute alleys.  I hate to say it, but they become a dime a dozen.  Cordoba however, felt special.  Maybe because the cobblestone streets felt smaller,  and the various tapas bars keep the city lively.  cute street 3

Cordoba collage 2postcard collage

I particularly loved Mezquita.  Sure, it’s another old building in Europe, but this one is a unique cross between a mosque and a church.

mezquita walk throughMezquita collage

The rest of the day was spent wandering and getting lost, finally stopping by a bullfighting themed restaurant called La Sacrista for some bites and drinks.

La SacristaSunrise on building and palms looking at postcards cute street

What we spent:

AirBNB $39
Alsa bus print out €.60
Mezquita entrance €0
Jamon, cheese, chips, yogurt, bread, Oreos, beer, pears, toiletries €13.14
Beer and coffee €4.60
Socks €2.95
Chorizo, revueltos con jamon, beer, and coke zero at La Sacrista €13

Total cost: $39 + €34.29 = $81.13 / 2 = $40.57 per person

What I learned: Head out to Mesquita from Monday through Saturday at 8:30am for free entrance.  You might want to leave a bit earlier than normal, as the entrances can be a bit hard to navigate.

Actual day of travel: Sept. 26, 2014