RTW Trip Cordoba to Granada, Spain Day 24: Staying in a Drug Den

We left Cordoba early to head to Granada. When we arrived to the bus station in Granada, we were really confused how to get to our AirBNB and which bus to take.  Even the locals didn’t seem to know where they were going.  After a couple wrong buses, we finally figured it out and arrived at out AirBNB.

bus station
Since Europe was expensive for us to add to our one year trip itinerary, I was pleasantly surprised when I found an AirBNB that was really cheap, had decent reviews, and seemed pretty well located.  I have stayed in all levels of accommodation, and I have to say, this place was one of the top three worst places I have ever stayed in.  And this includes cheap stays in places that were $6 and under in South East Asia and India.  This was worse.  Way worse.

drug den

Is that a bunch of naked women with Pink Floyd album covers painted on their bodies? Yes. Is that in fact an animal print robe and not a curtain? Yes.

I began nicknaming this place ‘Drug Den.’  I have nothing against doing your own thing, but if you are going to be hosting strangers on AirBNB, I would hope that you would at least ask if it would be okay to smoke before lighting up.  Other things that were weird: the walls kept rubbing off white stuff on all our bags, everything was covered in cat and dog hair, the pets were always hanging around you because they were hungry, the bedding smelled like they had never been washed, there was no hot water (in Spain!?!), and it looked like we were going to get bed bugs (news on that later). When I asked to do laundry, they mixed their laundry with ours so now my black and white dress is now black and pink because their red pants ran.  Looking at their food supply in the kitchen, I am pretty sure that our hosts were foragers, only nourishing themselves with found ‘vegetables.’

The main reason why I called this place Drug Den was the design. Every single piece of furniture looked as if it was found on the street, still broken, ripped, or crumbling.  I know that one person’s junk can be another person’s treasure, and I am all for thrifting and finding unique treasures, but this place was literally filled with junk.

The walls had drawings on it, with a really scary drawing of a burnt out looking girl on it.  Attention film location managers: if you ever need a scene for a drug den, this is it.  You don’t have to change a thing!

Their living room and hallway.  The dog in the middle was a neighbor's dog, stuck on the roof the entire time we were there.

Their living room and hallway. The dog in the middle was a neighbor’s dog, stuck on the roof the entire time we were there.

The hosts were nice, but they had a huge quarrel while we were there which made it very uncomfortable.  I don’t speak Spanish, so I could only hear the following words: Trabajo. Mama. Chinga – isn’t that a bad word? I actually think the photos of the place look better than what it actually looks like.

I was feeling sick, so we ended up staying in for a few hours before venturing out.  One good thing: we were definitely close to the old town. I heard Granada was full of bohemians, and there was evidence of this at the shops.  Many shops had those jodpurs, bohemian decor items, and leather bags.

Granada taxi

There are a few main streets with several bars and restaurants.  We settled into this bar for drinks and free tapas, and then retreated back to Drug Den.

Taberna El 22
What we spent:
Bus from Cordoba to Granada €16.06
Bus to bus station in Cordoba €2.40
Bus to AirBNB in Granada €2.40
Drinks and tapas €10.40
Shawarma set €4.50
AirBNB $22.50

Total cost: €35.76 + $22.50 = $66.43 / 2 = $33.22 per person

What I learned: Reviews on AirBNB only go up on the site if both host and guest provide reviews of each other.  Isn’t this a flaw? If the host knows they are a bad host, can’t they just choose to avoid writing a review so others don’t see it? Read between the lines for all reviews so you know what you are getting into.  I also realized the photo of our room on AirBNB was not the same as what we received!

Actual date of travel: Sept. 27, 2014