RTW Trip Granada, Spain Day 25: Drinking with Jesus after Granada’s Disneyland

The main reason why people come to Granada is for the Alhambra.  Sure, it is grandiose, historic, and beautifully designed, but was it worth the €14 fee? To be honest, we had a very rainy day, and the crowds were still like Disneyland.  There is a huge hike to the entrance (which we did), or you can pay money to take a bus up.

Alhambra view
Alhambra Collage
After a very wet day, we decided to hit one of the busy Moroccan style Teterias for a hot tea and shake (I can confirm that tea houses in Morocco do not in fact look like these Teterias).  All of these Teterias are geared for tourists, but they definitely have a nice exotic feeling to the place.  FYI- no alcohol served here.
cordobacollagerandom In the evening, we ended up seeing a flamenco show at Cafe Pub Le Chien Andalou. While we are not really into flamenco, it was a nice intimate performance with a singer, guitar player and dancer.  It was well worth the €8 entrance fee.

We also visited a religious themed bar that travel host/chef Anthony Bordain visited in his Granada Parts Unknown episode.  Whether you are religious or not, you will be wowed by the number of Jesus Christ images in El Tabernaculo.

tabernacle collage
Alhambra €28
Pizza lunch €7.50
Tea and shake at teteria €6
Flamenco show €16
AirBNB $22.50
Drinks & tapas at El Tabernaculo €6
Beer and cola €9

Total cost: €72.50 + $22.50 = $111.57 / 2 = $55.79 per person

What I learned: Book your tickets for Alhambra in advance to ensure you can get in when you want to. I heard lines to purchase tickets in person on the day start as early as 7am.

Granada street 2

Actual date of travel: Sept. 28, 2014