RTW Trip Morocco Day 26: Travel date from Spain to Morocco

We finally said goodbye to the Drug Den AirBNB (yay!) and goodbye to Spain (boo!) as we were moving on to a new country.  MOROCCO!

It was a long travel day. We took a bus from Granada to Algeciras with Alsa, then a ferry  with FRS from Algeciras to Tangier Med (the new station), and then a taxi to our hotel in Tangier, Morocco.

Traveling sucks.

Traveling sucks.

Traveling on a ferry? Not so bad.

Traveling on a ferry? Not so bad.

We arrived pretty late and basically had mint tea for dinner on Dar Rif Hotel‘s roof while chatting to an Aussie woman, and then went to bed.

I am writing this journal entry very late, but I must say, you should definitely stay at Dar Rif if you can (see my Trip Advisor review here). The staff is incredibly kind, Kamal offers all sorts of help, the breakfast is excellent, the rooms have showers with AC and TVs, and most importantly, the staff were very trustworthy (and this had been very difficult for us in Morocco!)

Dar Rif

Dar Rif room
What we spent:

Bus from Drug Den AirBNB to bus station in Granada €2.40
Bus from Granada to Algeciras €58.40
Macadona groceries water banana bread chips cheese meat granola bars choco €6.85
Pepsi and beer €4
Ferry from Algeciras, Spain to Tangier Med, Morocco €42
Bus from Tangier Med to bus station in Tangier €5
Taxi to Dar Rif Hotel $5
Dar Rif Hotel $38

Total cost: $43 + €118.65 = $188.77 / 2 = $94.39 per person

What I learned: If you do a bit of research, everyone says that the cheapest way to get to Morocco from Algeciras, Spain is to take the ferry to Tangier Med (the newer station) versus Tangierville, but to be honest, just take the ferry to Tangierville. It was an absolute mess trying to get to Tangier from Tangier Med at night, and we had to wait for a bus for at least 30 minutes, and then take a taxi to our hotel. I don’t think the free shuttle exists during the evenings.  We could have saved a lot of time for not that much money just by taking the ferry to Tangierville.

Actual date of travel: Sept. 29, 2014