RTW Trip Luxor, Egypt Day 60: Why you need to do a tour in Luxor

After watching some English cable movies and having a great sleep at Boomerang Hotel, we got up, had our fabulous breakfast, and decided on maximizing our time in Luxor by booking a tour through our hotel. While we are not big on tours, the tours were reasonably priced, so we decided to try out the West Bank tour, as it can be a hassle taking cabs and buses to all the sites in Luxor.

We ended up seeing the Temple of Medinet Habu, the Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III. Our guide gave us a lot of information, but for some reason, he felt he had to SHOUT all the information to us, even though we were only a group of three.


Our very LOUD TALKING guide

tour3collage.jpg tour2collage.jpg

Old paintings in wonderful condition

Old paintings in wonderful condition

I particularly enjoyed our short stop at Qurna Village, a cluster of colorful buildings within the dusty landscape. Our guide informed us that the village, also known as Kurna Village is now uninhabited, as the government believes there may be ancient findings under these buildings. Regardless, it is a remarkable and colorful sight that is worthy of a visit.

The colors of Qurna Village

The colors of Qurna Village


We also visited the Valley of the Kings, where you could go to all the different tombs of deceased pharaohs. We paid extra to see Ramesses III’s tomb, and we were very lucky to be able to view the tomb without the protective glass since they were doing some lighting work on it. Its location is within dusty mountains, which is quite beautiful and really should not be missed when visiting Luxor.

Hatshepsut Temple, or as our guide liked to call it, “Hot Chicken Soup Temple” was actually a highlight of Luxor for me, simply because of its grandiose nature. As you approach these dusty mountains, the mortuary temple which looks like it is built right in the mountains. Sadly, in November of 1997, Islamist extremists massacred 62 people (mostly tourists), at this site.


hatshipsut temple copy hatshepsuttemplecollage.jpg

The long, loud, and hot tour concluded with a boat trip back where we started. It was a nice touch, but was nothing like the feluccas. We ended the day with some pastries, bananas, beer, and kushari, and enjoyed them while watching English movies at Boomerang!

Our ferry ride at the end of our tour

Our ferry ride at the end of our tour

Boomerang Hotel 120 LE
Breakfast 20 LE
West Bank tour 100 LE
admission to Habu, Valley of the Kings, Ramses 3 tomb, Hatshepsut Temple 400LE
Toilet 1 LE
Tip to guide 50 LE
Kushari 10 LE
Kushari bananas pastries 11 LE
Beer 55 LE

Total cost: 767 LE / 2 = $50.55 per person

What I learned: If you need to maximize your time, tours can be great. The only other tours I like are those double decker city buses that allow you to hop on/hop off. We have used these a couple times, only when we don’t have a lot of time in a certain place.

Actual date of travel: Nov. 2, 2014