RTW Trip Mysore, India Day 91 to 93: The City of Many Faces

We took a non AC sleeper train to Mysore, a nice city stop in Southern India.  Normally, I find cities in India to be charmless, but Mysore provided some great entertainment for a couple days.  Walking around town was great, the people of Mysore were really friendly and curious, and our food and accommodation were wonderful.

Non AC Sleeper Train

Non AC Sleeper Train

We stayed at MTR Residency, which made us feel human again while still being on a backpacker budget.  Yes, we did pay a little more for accommodation, but the location was great, we had a large, spacious and clean room equipped with AC, cable TV, and our own bathroom.  While they only had wifi in the lobby, we were able to access our hotel’s wifi in one of our favorite Mysore eating places that was located just downstairs of the hotel.

hotel residency copy

Mannar’s Restaurant was very clean, filling, super cheap, and absolutely delicious.  We ate here everyday, and sometimes even twice a day.  It wasn’t listed in any guide book, although it really should be.

Mysore food:

Mysore food from top left to right: Thali at Hotel RRR, giant dosas at Mannar’s, veg pakora at New Shilpashri, aloo ghobi and thali from Mannar’s.

A few highlights in Mysore include:
– Just walking around town taking in the sights ad sounds of vendors and street life.  We found people to be extremely friendly here!

People of Mysore

People of Mysore

– Have rooftop drinks at Hotel New Shilpashri in Gandhi Square to watch the traffic below (I suggest sticking to drinks only).

View from

View from Hotel New Shilpashri

– Stop by Hotel RRR Restaurant for some all-you-can-eat veg thali.  Clearly popular with locals and tourists alike.
– Don’t forget to take a walk through the markets.  They sell everything from flowers, colored powder, vegetables, and jewelry.

marketCollage vendorsCollage Vanessa in market copy
– If you are staying at MTR Residency, stop by the Mega More store across the street for grocery items and well needed toiletries.  The choice is endless!
– Take a short horse ride to the South end of Maharaja’s Palace (Mysore Palace).  The same horse ride in New York would cost 50 times the price!

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace

– Take a tour of the beautiful and extravagant Maharaja’s Palace.  Don’t forget your free audio guide!
– If you love going to the movies, head to the Mall of Mysore Satyam for a super cheap visit! We saw Interstellar for a measly 150 rupees per ticket!?!
– Lonely Planet highly suggests the small Rail Museum, but we found it to be geared for children.  You can see train cars from the present and past, but I would only go if you are a big train buff.

All in all, there isn’t a ton of stuff to do in Mysore, but it is a nice stop off before heading to Kochi.


Costs for Day 91:
Rickshaw to MTR Residency in Mysore 40
Mannar’s Restaurant for veg thali, aloo ghobi, water, chai 185
Hotel New Shilpashri: beer, coffee, veg pakora 380
MTR Residency plus tip 1110
Hotel RRR Restaurant: veg thali and water 200
Take home beer 100

Total cost for Day 91: 2015 rupees / 2 = $15.88 per person

Costs for Day 92:
Mannar’s Restaurant: veg thali, water 120
Mega More Store: hair oil, toothpaste, chips, cookies, bottle opener, hand sanitizer 308
Backpack 780
Horse ride to south gate of palace 30
Maharaja’s palace entrance 400
Tuktuk to Mall of Mysore Satyam 40
Interstellar tix 300
KFC: Veg rockin meal and chicken twister meal 361
Soft serve ice cream 38
Popcorn and Pepsi 200
Tuktuk from movie theater to MTR Residency 90
Aloo curry pastries, water, Limca 79
MTR residency 905

Total cost for Day 92: 3651 rupees / 2 = $28.77 per person

Costs for Day 93:
Mannar’s restaurant: Mysore dosa, chai, paper masala dosa, water 160
Rail Museum 30
Ice-cream 36
Snacks for bus from More Megastore 177
Mannar’s Restaurant: aloo ghobi, chapati, water 150
Toilet paper 150
Water 20
Toilet 6
Government bus from Mysore to Kochi 1380

Total cost for Day 93: 2109 rupees / 2 = $16.62 per person

What I learned: We purchased our bus tickets to Kochi from the main government bus station ticket office. There were several travel agencies selling bus tickets as well, but we found out all the buses were the same.  The travel agencies put on hefty commissions so it’s is most cost efficient to purchase tickets from the government bus station ticket office.

Woman drinking her chai in Mysore.

Woman drinking her chai in Mysore.

Actual dates of travel: Dec. 3-5, 2014