RTW TRIP BANGALORE, INDIA DAY 117 – 123: What To Do in Bangalore

The next few days in Bangalore were surprisingly very chill and relaxed since Greg was sick in bed at our friend’s and since one of our friends was in India with crutches.  I welcomed the down time!

The sights in Bangalore

The sights in Bangalore

There was this great little local place called Apu’s Kitchen that had some great idlys, curries, parotas, and a dessert-like item called ‘baths.’  They were basically sweet creamed wheat dishes with a nut or two on it.  Very simple but tasty.  We ate here basically every day for breakfast while at Vinay’s.

If you are into shopping, there are a plethora of western style malls with recognizable brands like H & M and Zara. If you are into buying fair trade handmade goods, definitely head to Ants Cafe.  There is also a cute little cafe upstairs where you can get some Western style nibbles and coffee.

If you want to shop on streets that have a number of stores, head to Brigade Road.  I thought it was like an Indian Harajuku, where young teens go to shop and eat and buy cheap clothes.  We grabbed a few things to eat around here, ad enjoyed our small Frankies and vada pav.

We really enjoyed Tayabbs Restaurant for some cheap and delicious chicken rolls.  It’s definitely popular for those wanting a snack or quick bite after drinking.

We thought Tadka Singh Restaurant looked like an Indian version of Chipotle, with large meals enough to share.

The food we ate in Bangalore

The food we ate in Bangalore

For those of traveling throughout India, you will notice Coffee Day Cafés everywhere.  We treated ourselves to one on MG Road, an felt quite pampered sitting in or comfy chairs and sipping our frosty frappuccinos.

After our stay with our friends, we said our goodbyes and checked into a hotel with a super bizarre name, Thyme the Transit. This friendly hotel is located in a trendy area called Indira Nagar, with some comfortable rooms (although ours was windowless) with free breakfast.  Even though we still can’t quite figure out the meaning of the hotel name, the staff were very kind, the rooms were clean, and the location was fabulous!  Located close to a number of bars and restaurants, we found we were able to walk to most places.

Since Greg was still sick, we sadly spent New Years in our hotel room being bad tourists eating Dominoes Pizza and watching Hollywood movies, but we were happy we were in a very comfortable hotel during the holiday.

Thyme the Transit and Signature Inn

Thyme the Transit (left and center) and Signature Inn in Cottonpet

We expected to meet up with Greg’s brother who was in Bangalore for business, so we booked at a cheaper hotel in Cottonpet called Signature Inn.  This hotel was definitely more basic, but cheap with a decent restaurant downstairs.  We ate a number of meals here!  This place was clean enough with a private bathroom on a backpacker budget.  It was on a really busy local feeling street close to a mosque, and come night time, the street really came alive.  While some people may not like busy vendors and pedestrians on a dirty street with animals and hawkers galore, I found it to be more interesting than Indira Nagar, as Indira Nagar felt too familiar and western.
cottonpetCollage people Collage

Since we had such a depressing New Years, we treated ourselves to a live concert at a local venue called B Flat.  The venue itself is quite small, with couch type seating, with the ability to order food and drink while you watch the show.  The venue is very reminiscent of the Le Poisson Rouge in New York.

Seeing The Amsterdams at B Flat

Seeing The Amsterdams at B Flat

We saw a cool little Romanian band called the Amsterdams.  How does anyone categorize music these days?  They were I guess what you could call indie pop,  sang in English, and were decent entertainers.

Before heading out of Bangalore, we ventured to a couple tourist attractions including Cubbon Park, Iskon Temple, Tipu’s Sultan palace.  While all three aren’t anything to write home about, you can have some nice sights, stroll around, and see some British influenced architecture.


Costs for Day 117:
Curry, bread, rice, chicken 270
Medicine 30
Kleenex, napkins, water 145
Striped top from Zara 590
Hair ties 100

Total cost for Day 117: 1135 rupees / 2 = $8.93 per person

Costs for Day 118:
Papaya 40
Kleenex 130
Bananas 52
Meds 330

Total cost for Day 118: 552 rupees / 2 = $4.35 per person

Costs for Day 119:
Masala dosa, bath dessert, idly, fried flat bread 115
Thyme the Transit 2025
Tayabbs Restaurant: Chicken Afghani Roll, chicken sheek kebab roll, 2 water 210
Ants Cafe: ice mocha frappuccino, coffee 180
Water 20
Domino’s Pizza: medium Chicken Hawaiian pizza, garlic bread, coke 640

Total cost for Day 119: 3190 rupees / 2 = $25.10 per person

Costs for Day 120:
Thyme the Transit hotel 2025
Tadka Singh Restaurant: 2 veg meals, water 550
McDonald’s 382
Water from hotel 25

Costs for Day 120: 2982 rupees / 2 = $23.47 per person

Costs for Day 121:
Signature Inn 1200
Rickshaw from Thyme the Transit to Signature Inn 135
Signature Inn Restaurant: aloo ghobi, naan, veg thali, 2 two liter water 230
Signature Inn Restaurant: veg fried rice, veg kadai, kulcha, water 216
Bananas 40
Toilet paper 40

Total costs for Day 121: 1861 rupees / 2 = $14.67 per person

Costs for Day 122:
Rickshaw from hotel to MG Road 90
Water 20
3 Frankie’s 140 in Brigade Road
Vada pav 20
MG Road Cafe Coffee Day frappuccino and black coffee 270
Rickshaw to hotel 31
Kingfisher beer 240
Signature Inn Restaurant: Veg noodle, aloo paratha, water 140
Signature Inn 1200
Ricksaw to B flat 450
Rickshaw from B Flat to Signature Inn (Indira Nagar to Cottonpet) 300
Beers at B Flat 1050
The Amsterdams concert 845

Total cost for Day 122: 4796 rupees / 2 = $37.79 per person

Costs for Day 123:
Signature Inn aloo gobi, naan, veg fried rice, water 230
Signature Inn 1200
Tipu’s Sultan Palace 200
Bananas 40
Signature Restaurant aloo mutter, naan, veg noodle, water 230
Chips, cookies 70

Total cost for Day 123: 1970 rupees / 2 = $15.53 per person


What I learned: Bangalore is huge and traffic is horrible.  Even though two people may be within Bangalore city limits, it can still take forever to meet up since the city is so big.  Keep this in mind if you plan on moving around in Bangalore a lot.


Actual dates of travel: Dec. 29, 2014 – Jan. 4, 2015