Today was spent meandering the city of Colombo, and recovering from food poisoning from the kottu roti.  Poor Greg had it worse than me!

First impressions of Sri Lanka: It is so clean! There are sidewalks! Cars let you pass as you cross the street!market2Collage

We ventured over to the Fort Market area where we saw vendors selling all sorts of fruit and produce.  I always love going to the market areas, as I really feel like you get a feel for what local people eat.  It seems as though Sinhalese use a lot of dried fish to flavor their food here!

market Collage

If you stop by the Old City Hall, you can take look at the weird wax figures of political leaders at a meeting.  It’s rather strange, but if you around, worth to take a peek.  The people working there are very friendly and will let you walk around and see all the rooms.  They will expect a small tip.


We also really wanted to go to Pilawoos, THE place to get kottu roti, according to Anthony Bourdain. We accidentally ordered just a roti roll, but it was still tasty.  We didn’t want any meat so when we ordered one with vegetables rather than meat, for some reason the roll doubled in price.


We also walked down to the beach area, Galle Green, where there are a lot of locals hanging out, eating food, and flying kites.  When I was purchasing some potato snacks, a few local men asked me if they could chat with my husband.  Greg made a few friends here.

Galle Green collage

If you are into upscale restaurants with fancy interiors, head to trendy Dutch Hospital.  It was clearly not in our budget, but it definitely seemed like a lot of expats enjoyed the nicer restaurants here.

I would say the highlight of the day was when we just took a walk around a local neighborhood by Union Place and Church Street.  People were really friendly, and the entire neighborhood seemed to welcome us.  I think we spent a good couple hours here… I could have spent all day here the locals were so nice!

Backpack Lanka Hotel 4550 LAK
Short snack veg triangles 100
Tuktuk 120 to fort market area
Old City Hall wax figures 200
Trishaw to Pilawoos 330
Pilawoos Cheese roti 220
Water and Coke 175
Trishaw to Union Place and Church Street 180
Chips 50
Bananas 70
Veg roti 100

Total cost: 6095 LAK / 2 = $21.67 per person

What I learned:  If you are going to the old City Hall to take a peek at the wax figurines, you will need to donate some money to the people working there (they will ask).  I did notice though, that the Sri Lankans/North Americans didn’t have to donate anything.  I am not sure where the money goes, but the donation was a low amount anyway so we didn’t mind.

nabe 2Collage

Actual date of travel: January 17, 2015