My name is Vanessa Oguchi.  I love taking photos, traveling, watching movies, eating street food, and riding my bicycle.  I have an obscene addiction to french fries.

I am originally from Vancouver, Canada.  I have lived in 5 countries.  I traveled and worked in London, England on the SWAP program for 4 months when I was 18.  Like most people, I backpacked around Europe and fell in love with traveling. I also spent about 1 year in Dublin, Ireland through SWAP.

The JET Programme took me to a small town in Japan (Shirasawa, Gunma, Japan) for 2 years.  (Here is a photo I found on Google Maps of the old Police Box they had me live in.  It was large, cold, and rent free with a driveway!)untitled

I then moved to Tokyo, Japan for 5 years.   I currently live in Brooklyn, New York and have been living here since 2010.  I am leaving New York in September 2014 to go on a trip around the world for one year.

This blog is about my upcoming challenge to travel around the world for $50 a day. I will share everything from what I eat, what I drink, what I do, and where I sleep.  I will hopefully remember to post costs of everything as well!  For a conversion, please go here. Of course some people may say that I am not really traveling the world as I won’t be hitting certain areas of the world, but this is just a blog based on me living out of a backpack for 365 days.

I have some experience traveling for cheap – $5 huts on the beach in Thailand, $5 rooms in peoples’ homes in India, $5 amazing Star Wars-like abodes in Greece.  Times have changed though, and I wonder if it is possible to still travel this way.

I am not rich.  I am not poor.  I am not young.  I am not old.  Call me Goldilocks with a camera and a computer.

In my spare time, I enjoy making silver and brass jewelry.  I am the owner, creator, and designer of Tanuki Jewelry.

To see pictures from my previous travels, please go here.

To see a brief portfolio, please go here.