RTW Trip Goa, India Day 77: How to shop at Anjuna Market

I was pretty excited to head to Anjuna Market.  If you are like me and love boho chic decor and hand embroidered Indian textiles, you may love this market! You can find anything… Continue reading

RTW Trip Goa, India Day 76: Goa Beach Hopping by Motorbike

The greatest part of Goa is the freedom to go from beach to beach by motorbike.  There are so many beaches in Goa, and each beach has it’s own unique vibe. We were… Continue reading

RTW Trip Goa, India Day 75: Arriving in Goa

I have been on my fair share of overnight buses, experiencing 18 hour bus rides, leaking buses drenching monks in their robes, and barfing neighbors having their upchuck spill all over my luggage. … Continue reading

RTW Trip Mumbai, India Day 74: Friendly Mumbai with so much to see! Laundry, mosques, and people watching, oh my!

I love laundry.  I don’t like doing it, but something about seeing hanging laundry seems so magical to me.  If you are like me and like hanging laundry pictures, you definitely have to… Continue reading

RTW Trip Mumbai, India Day 73: Touring the Slums of Slumdog Millionaire by Day, and an Indian Movie Experience by Night

What’s great about Mumbai, is that it really is a mix of everything here.  You can go to really expensive restaurants that have dress code, or have some of Mumbai’s famous street eats. … Continue reading

RTW Trip Mumbai, India Day 72: Safe and Delicious Eating in Mumbai

Mumbai was fascinating to me.  It had a mix of modern flair, British influence, with rustic Indian vibes.  After being in Morocco, Egypt, and Jordan, Mumbai felt humid.  Super humid.  Even my wrists… Continue reading

RTW Trip Mumbai, India Day 71: Arrival in Amazing India!

Oh, India!  How I have missed you!  The last time we were in India was in 2010.  We spent 3 weeks doing the Golden Triangle during the hottest time of the year.  I… Continue reading

Jordan: A sample 10 to 14 day Itinerary

Jordan is an excellent place to for a jam packed 10 day holiday.  While prices of transportation and the main sites are definitely expensive, the people are friendly, and the sites are extremely… Continue reading

RTW Trip Wadi Rum, Jordan Day 68 and 69: Desert Sleepover on a Mars Film Set

If being a film location scout means that you can visit Mars-like locations like Wadi Rum, it must be one of the best jobs in the world.  Movies like Prometheus, Red Planet, Transformers… Continue reading

RTW Trip Aqaba, Jordan Day 66 and 67: Red Sea snorkeling on a Backpacker Budget

Even if you are not a big diver, Aqaba can be a nice stop, especially if you have been traveling for a long time and want to chill out.  There are lots of… Continue reading

RTW Trip Petra, Jordan Day 64 and 65: My Brain Exploded from Eye Candy Overload

There are very few moments in life where I am actually floored by what I see.  I mean seriously, head over heels in awe.  Petra, the ancient city with rock-cut architecture is sure… Continue reading

RTW Trip the Dead Sea, Jordan Day 63: Floating in water without swimming at all

When tourists visit Jordan, it seems everyone has to go to the Dead Sea.  It is located at the lowest point on Earth, with a salinity between 28-35%, while other bodies of water… Continue reading

RTW Trip Arriving in Amman, Jordan Day 61 and 62: What to do in Amman

Have you ever been to a country really only knowing one thing about it? I hate to admit it, but the only thing I knew about Jordan, was Petra, that historical and archaeological… Continue reading

RTW Trip Last Day in Egypt Day 61: Suggested 2 Week Itinerary for Egypt

Our final day was a sad one. We had our final big breakfast, chatted and said good-bye to the friendly staff at Boomerang Hotel, and grabbed a taxi to Luxor Airport. We guiltily… Continue reading

RTW Trip Luxor, Egypt Day 60: Why you need to do a tour in Luxor

After watching some English cable movies and having a great sleep at Boomerang Hotel, we got up, had our fabulous breakfast, and decided on maximizing our time in Luxor by booking a tour… Continue reading

RTW Trip Aswan to Luxor, Egypt Day 58: Getting to the best budget accommodation in Luxor

We were on a high after our felucca trip, and we were quite bummed to say good-bye to Nasser and Mostafa. When we got off the boat, they hailed us a “cab,” or… Continue reading

RTW Trip Aswan, Egypt Day 57:Highlight in Egypt – Overnight Felucca Ride on the Nile River

If you are only going to do one thing in Egypt, do an overnight Felucca ride. Oh wait, if you are only going to do one thing in Egypt, do an overnight Felucca… Continue reading

RTW Trip Aswan, Egypt Day 56: How NOT to Get Ripped Off at Philae Temple

Other than the Unfinished Obelisk, you can also visit the Aswan High Dam and Philae Temple. While I am not into dams per se, Greg is big on urban planning, and had to… Continue reading

RTW Trip Aswan, Egypt Day 55: Our Sailboat Trial Run

Most people come to Aswan for one thing – an overnight felucca ride.  You can basically go as a group and sail the Nile River on a motorless sailboat.  Sounds amazing right??? As… Continue reading

RTW Trip Hurghada to Aswan, Egypt Day 54: Welcome to Alaska!

Since we were flying out of Luxor, we decided to save Luxor for the end.  We left Hurghada in the morning, and took a bus to Luxor, and then a train from Luxor… Continue reading

RTW Trip Hurghada, Egypt Day 51, 52, and 53: Tropical Luxury with a backpacker’s wallet

When I think of Egypt, I hate to say I usually just think of the Pyramids and mummies.  But what about beaches?  Sure, there is Sharm El Sheikh, but we were already nervous… Continue reading

RTW Trip Giza, Egypt Day 50: Who needs a guide? The cheapest way to do the Pyramids!

One of the main reasons why I loved Egypt so much, was because of the people.  Since the moment we stepped foot in the country, locals were constantly saying ‘welcome to Egypt!’, or… Continue reading

RTW Trip Cairo, Egypt Day 49: It’s not just about the Pyramids…so much to see in Cairo!

The Egyptian Museum is an absolute must when coming to Cairo.  Before entering, you have to check any camera/video equipment, so if you feel uncomfortable leaving it, you might want to store it… Continue reading

RTW Trip Cairo, Egypt Day 47 and 48: Egypt is safe for tourists, folks!

Some friends and family had some concerns of us heading to Egypt, (including me), but to be honest, I was so glad I ignored everyone’s opinions.  A friend has a British cousin currently… Continue reading