Morocco: A sample two to three week itinerary

Still want to visit Morocco? Here is my suggested itinerary for 2-3 weeks in Morocco: 1. Fly into Tangier to revisit the hippie trail, drinking tea and hanging out (2-3 days) 2. Visiting… Continue reading

RTW Trip Essaouira to Casablanca, Morocco Day 45 and 46: My Blind Date with Casablanca

My blind date with Casablanca was unusually quiet.  I didn’t find Casablanca to be cultured, attractive, or necessarily friendly.  In fact, it was downright boring.  One friend said it was the “true” Morocco,… Continue reading

RTW Trip Essaouira, Morocco Day 44: Beachin’ it with camels and fish

After finishing another large and delicious breakfast by Agnes, we headed down to the water, close to all the fishing docks. We first went to Skala du Port, a working port with fabulous… Continue reading

RTW Trip Marrakech to Essaouira, Morocco Day 43: Visiting the Real Life Game of Thrones

To be honest, the inability to freely take photos in Marrakech’s famous square was taking its toll.  When we had our last breakfast from Florence, I was relieved to be moving on. After… Continue reading

RTW Trip Marrakech, Morocco Day 42: Marrakech’s Watering Holes

After another great breakfast at Riad Al Jawhara, we headed to the Maison de la Photographie to see a good collection of old photos from Marrakech’s past.  Your ticket allows for multiple admission… Continue reading

RTW Trip Marrakech, Morocco Day 41: Eating through Marrakech’s Circus

Florence made us an excellent breakfast of Moroccan breads, dates, and tea on our roof. I absolutely love Moroccan home decor, and after finding out silver poufs could be purchased in the market,… Continue reading

RTW Trip Ouarzazate to Marrakech, Morocco Day 40: Diving deep into the bustling Jemaa El Fnaa Square

Taking the bus from Ouarzazate to Marrakech is definitely full of winding roads, so be sure to take your anti motion sickness pills.  Since you are driving through mountainous roads, the views are… Continue reading

RTW Trip Ouarzazate, Morocco Day 39: Experiencing Hollywood in Morocco

The reason we came to Ouarzazate was its proximity to Marrakech and the desert, and the fact that this is where many Hollywood TV shows/movies were filmed. Game of Thrones, The Mummy, Babel,… Continue reading

RTW Trip Merzouga to Ouarzazate, Morocco Day 38: Camels, cars, and local buses

I literally brought nothing with me to the camel trek, so when I got up at the crack of dawn for sunrise, I was already dressed and ready to go out the door.… Continue reading

RTW Trip Merzouga, Morocco Day 37: 2 Moroccans, 1 American, 1 Canadian, and a Therapist walk into a desert…

Waking up to a full Moroccan breakfast at Auberge Dunes D’Or energized us until dinner.  We had some extra pastries and fruit for snacks before our trek.  We were not going to leave… Continue reading

RTW Trip Merzouga, Morocco Day 36: Getting settled in the Sahara Desert

We arrived at about 6-6:30am in Rissani, and needed to catch a taxi to Merzouga to our booked hotel for our desert trek.  I would highly suggest booking something before you arrive, because… Continue reading

RTW Trip Fes to the Desert in Merzouga, Morocco Day 35: Bye, bye bedbugs

Another day in Fes meant another day at Cafe Clock Restaurant.  We literally spent hours there, as it was relaxing, and the food sort of made me forget about my incredible itchiness all… Continue reading

RTW Trip Fes, Morocco Day 34: Cafe comforts, urine soaked leather, and bedbug nightmares!

Fes for most people, consists of lounging in cafés and restaurants, and just wandering around. Cafe Clock is a restaurant that costs more than the average place (in Morocco), but was quite the… Continue reading

RTW Trip Fes, Morocco Day 33: The World Heritage Site with Agressive Touts

Most of the day was spent waiting and riding our bus on the windy roads from Chefchaouen to Fes.  Dramamine to the rescue! We checked into the lovely looking Riad Nassim.  Riads were… Continue reading

RTW Trip Chefchaouen, Morocco Day 29, 30, 31, and 32: Animal Slaughterfest in the Blue City

Today was the start of our marathon in Chefchaouen.   We had our final breakfast in Tangier, and headed on a windy and barfy bus ride to Chefchaouen. Because of the huge Muslim holiday… Continue reading

RTW Trip Tangier, Morocco Day 28: The Beat Generation’s Hippie Trail

If I was a buyer for home decor goods, Morocco would be my dream.  We did a lot more maze-like medina walking, followed by eating  pastilla, and drinking more mint tea.  The savory… Continue reading

RTW Trip Tangier, Morocco Day 27: Meandering the medinas with Jim Jarmusch

I instantly fell in love with Tangier.  I don’t know if it was because it was my first time in a medina, or if it was because I had just seen Jim Jarmusch‘s… Continue reading

RTW Trip Morocco Day 26: Travel date from Spain to Morocco

We finally said goodbye to the Drug Den AirBNB (yay!) and goodbye to Spain (boo!) as we were moving on to a new country.  MOROCCO! It was a long travel day. We took… Continue reading

RTW Trip Granada, Spain Day 25: Drinking with Jesus after Granada’s Disneyland

The main reason why people come to Granada is for the Alhambra.  Sure, it is grandiose, historic, and beautifully designed, but was it worth the €14 fee? To be honest, we had a… Continue reading

RTW Trip Cordoba to Granada, Spain Day 24: Staying in a Drug Den

We left Cordoba early to head to Granada. When we arrived to the bus station in Granada, we were really confused how to get to our AirBNB and which bus to take.  Even… Continue reading

RTW Trip Cordoba, Spain Day 23: Cute streets, the Mezquita, and a Bullfighting Restaurant

Europe is filled with charming cities with old buildings and character.  After visiting several cities, you realize you can only take so many photos of little, cute alleys.  I hate to say it,… Continue reading

RTW Trip Spain Day 22: Travel day from Valencia to Cordoba

We woke up very early to catch our bus to go to Cordoba.  We got an ALSA bus that cost €93 for two people.  It was more than expected but we weren’t going to… Continue reading

RTW Trip Valencia, Spain Day 21: The Rolling Stones, Fartons, and Buster Keaton

Our final day in Valencia consisted of having our usual breakfast of juice, tomatoes rubbed on bread with a bit of olive oil and salt, an espresso and some fruit that Christina kindly… Continue reading

RTW Trip Valencia, Spain Day 20: Cycling with a lot of Sandwiches

It had been a couple days since we had hopped on bikes, so we opted to rent bikes and cycle around Valencia. We ended renting from Do You Bike for 24 hours.  They… Continue reading

RTW Trip Valencia, Spain Day 19: Drinking in an old chemist bar

I never really understood the whole siesta thing.  It makes me think you really can’t eat lunch whenever you want.  Today was our first real day of wandering around the old town, walking… Continue reading