RTW Trip Valencia, Spain Day 18: The Origin of Paella

To be honest, I had no idea paella originated in Valencia.  Lucky for us, our friend organized a paella party in the specific town where paella originated.  We specifically went to Casa Sucre,… Continue reading

RTW Trip Valencia, Spain Day 17: Welcomed by friends of friends

The next morning, we said our goodbyes to our hosts in Tiana, to leave for Valencia.  Montse equipped us with train snacks, and dropped us off at the train station to head back… Continue reading

RTW Trip Tiana, Spain Day 16: Home cooked meal!

There is a beach that some Barcelonians go to when they don’t want to go to the overcrowded beach in the city.  Luckily, Montgat, is only a 30 minute walk from where we… Continue reading

RTW Trip Barcelona to Tiana, Spain Day 15: Amazing hosts

Waking up with an excellent and free buffet breakfast was a great way to start a long day of walking.  We checked out of our hotel, and left our bags at the hotel’s… Continue reading

RTW Trip Barcelona Day 14: Beaching it and returning to a free hotel!

Moving to a virtually free hotel because of Airmiles is always a good thing!  I only had to pay $11 in administration fees, while other guests were paying €150 per night. The whole… Continue reading

RTW Trip Barcelona Day 13: A Reunion After 18 years

We spent our second full day cycling around the city, visiting Segrada Familia again, and viewing more Gaudi sites.                       Some of the best parts about traveling, are definitely the people you… Continue reading

RTW Trip Barcelona Day 12 : City Cycling

In Barcelona, we found out their city bike program was only for residents of Barcelona, so we were a bit bummed to find out we would have to take trains and buses all… Continue reading

RTW Trip: San Sebastian to Barcelona Day 11

We caught a bus using Monbus at 7:10am, and arrived in Barcelona at around 3pm. We arrived to our AirBNB which was located in Le Poble Sec, closest to Parallel station. While our… Continue reading

RTW Trip Paddleboarding, Pintxos, and Beach in San Sebastian Day 9 and 10

I think the Lonely Planet listed San Sebastian as having one of the best city beaches in all of Europe. While I haven’t been to many city beaches, I would wholeheartedly agree! There… Continue reading

RTW Trip Bordeaux to San Sebastian Day 8

In an attempt to save some money and time on transport from Bordeaux, France to San Sebastian, Spain, I found a site for ridesharing called Blablacar. Basically, it is a website like AirBNB,… Continue reading

RTW Trip Saint-Émilion Day 7: A cute day at the wineries

We really wanted to take a day trip out to one of the famous wineries around Bordeaux, so we decided to take a Renfe train for Saint-Emilion. We departed from Gare Bordeaux Saint… Continue reading

RTW Trip Bordeaux Day 6

Bordeaux, our second and last stop in France, was filled with more cycling, lots of gorgeous buildings, and some wine.  We got up bright and early and had our buffet breakfast of eggs,… Continue reading

RTW Trip Bordeaux Day 5

Oh, today was an interesting one! As we were preparing to head to Bordeaux on the 8th, I realized I didn’t get a response from my AirBNB Bordeaux host if it was okay… Continue reading

RTW Trip Paris Day 4

Today we met with another Parisienne friend for crepes at Jardin du Luxembourg. He also treated us to a lovely drive all over the city which included Sacre Coeur (the view is quite… Continue reading

RTW trip Paris Day 3

Today was a full day. This is what we did: Cycled all over the city with Velib Visited Belleville: I was told it was the Brooklyn of Paris. Went to the park to… Continue reading

RTW trip Paris Day 2

Today we were very fortunate to hit below our budget. How did we do this? We met up with an old Aussie friend we knew during our Tokyo days, and luckily, he treated… Continue reading

Bonjour Paris! RTW Trip Paris Day 1

I have to definitely apologize for the late blogging, but I finally have a few dates up! Today marks the very first day of our around the world trip for one year! I… Continue reading

Dream Food Day

Some of my most memorable trips have often involved food.   I could never forget riding a motorbike to the end of the dirt road, only to find a little beach hut serving… Continue reading

7 years in Japan

I am looking forward to visiting Japan again.  It has been 4 years since I have lived there.  Things I will never forget: Touching my bathroom, kitchen, and living room floor all at… Continue reading

Traveling Around the World in New York City

I love New York, partly because it lets me feel like I’m not in New York, all the time.  Here are a few fave spots that transports you to another place! 10. McSorley’s Old… Continue reading

Sketches of New York

  13 days until we leave for our trip and I can already tell I am going to miss New York like crazy.  I am trying to do touristy things so I won’t… Continue reading

The cutest, non-tacky souvenirs of New York

Leaving our apartment in Brooklyn will be hard.  Perhaps I should take a memento with me on our trip.  Here are some of the cutest New York souvenirs: 10.  New York City Dish… Continue reading

Indian Visa Processing in New York

For any of you looking into going to India, be forewarned about the visa process.  Here is my experience applying for an Indian visa as an American citizen. Recently, due to many complaints… Continue reading

Traveling as a clausterphobic

Every time I get ready to go on a flight, I get really, really, really nervous, even though I know that I will be fine.  There are peoples’ jobs to fly on planes… Continue reading

Around the world trip from Sept. 2014 – Sept. 2015

The probable route for the around the world trip as of July 20th, 2014 France Spain Morocco Egypt Jordan India Indonesia Philippines Japan Hong Kong China Also thinking about Burma, Myanmar, Nepal.  Where… Continue reading