Travel Resources

I am not purchasing an RTW ticket, as I feel as though it is too restrictive.  See below for flight deals: I like to check all of these:





Skyscanner – good list of budget airlines


Travel and work abroad programs:

SWAP – for Canadians to a variety of countries.  I did this for Ireland and England.  The American equivalent is BUNAC.

JET Programme – My life would be completely different if I never did this.  I thought I was only going to stay one year, and I ended up staying in Japan for 7 years.

Travel Insurance:

World Nomads


Visa Requirements

 Research a few essential words that can go far – Hello, thank you, sorry, excuse me, and how much is this? Most of all, smile – even when you think the guy will not smile at you at all.

What is RTW?  ‘Round the World!

Nomadic Matt’s Book How to Travel the World on $50 a Day.  He also has great tips here.

Legal Nomads also has a wonderful list of travel resources here.

I won’t bother adding any more resources, as the two links above can really help any person’s trip!