RTW Trip Fes to the Desert in Merzouga, Morocco Day 35: Bye, bye bedbugs

Another day in Fes meant another day at Cafe Clock Restaurant.  We literally spent hours there, as it was relaxing, and the food sort of made me forget about my incredible itchiness all over my body.

We checked out of Riad Nassim covered in bedbug bites.  I was very happy to leave and move on to our next place.  I had spent the early morning soaking my clothes in burning hot water to get rid of any traces of bedbugs since I read online that finding an electrical dryer in Morocco would be extremely difficult.  I figured it would be better than nothing.  We tipped one of the workers 20 dirham because he asked for a tip when we were leaving.  How subtle.  I was ready to leave.

We decided to head to a desert trek in the Sahara Desert.  Our take-off point would be from Merzouga.  In order to get there, we would need to take an overnight bus from Fes to Rissani, then take a taxi to our hotel Auberge de Dunes D’Or. It was basically a long travel day, eating snacks, taking Dramamine, and arriving in Rissani in pure darkness.

I didn’t really take any pictures today, so I will leave you with my bedbug bitten face and a photo of one of the many bedbugs I killed at Riad Nassim.


Cafe Clock Restaurant falafel, gazpacho, avocado toast, coke, and fruit shake 170 dirham
Bananas, cookies, water, bread 26 dirham
Tip for Mohamed 20 dirham
Petit taxi home 7 dirham
Laundry 30 dirham
Petit taxi to bus station 20 dirham
Overnight bus from Fes to Rissani with CTM 360 dirham
Luggage 5 dirham
Toilet 2 dirham
Taxi from Rissani to Auberge de Dunes D’Or 110 dirham

Total costs: 580 dirham / 2 = $32.34 per person

What I learned: my Ziploced clothes saved us from spreading the bedbugs to our new place.  If you get bedbugs while traveling and have no access to a dryer, definitely soak your clothes for at least an hour in a boiling hot water bath.  I did this to my exposed clothes (just in case).

Actual date of travel: Oct. 8, 2014